Sailrite® Cutting Block & Die Holder

SKU: 121597



The Sailrite® Cutting Block & Die Holder is the go-to accessory for anyone cutting small holes (up to 3/8" with impact cutters and 5/8" with drill hole cutters) or using the SnapRite® System! In fact, we designed this cutting block specifically for use with the SnapRite and we strongly recommend it as an add-on accessory for anyone who has this snap fastener system.

Two cutting blocks are included: A durable, hard plastic one for cutting holes with a mallet, and a black resilient rubber cutting pad for use with a drill hole cutter, Lift-The-DOT® and Common Sense® hole cutters. This self-healing block set can be used over and over again, and its compact size makes it easy to store on a boat or in a toolbox.

This unique cutting block set is designed with a cavity that holds your SnapRite Socket or Eyelet Die and a mandrel so you can easily push the mandrel through your fabric assembly, resulting in fewer mandrel breaks to save you money on replacements. It also prevents the die from moving around while in use, providing stability so thicker fabric assemblies can be used. Its small, compact size allows for it to be easily held when pushing the mandrel of the SnapRite die through fabric.

The gray, hard plastic piece, which fits inside the edges of the black cutting base, should be used for impact cutters, except for the Lift-The-DOT and Common Sense hole cutters. Those cutters have more delicate appendages that must penetrate a softer surface. Use the black rubber cutting pad for these. To add the plastic piece, simply string and tie it onto the wrist strap, and nestle the gray piece inside the black base when needed. When using the cutting block’s rubber surface, flip the gray piece out of the way.

Note: We recommend pre-punching a hole with an awl or hole cutter for thick assemblies when using the SnapRite Dies with this tool.


  • Works with hole cutters up to #8
  • Holds SnapRite Socket and Eyelet Dies
  • Compact Size