Replacement Leather for Sailrite® Double-Sided Leather Strop (2 pack)

SKU: 123292



Replace leather pieces for the Sailrite® Double-Sided Leather Strop (#123283) with this replacement. This pack includes two pieces, one for your strop’s rough (flesh) side and one for the smooth (grain) side. Remove worn leather from your leather strop with pliers and attach the leather replacements with glue. Apply stropping compound to the rough side of leather as desired to sharpen and polish blades. Size: 1-1/2" x 5-1/2"

2 Pack.

One leather piece for rough (flesh) strop side and one for smooth (grain) side.


Install on the Sailrite Leather Strop or glue to work surface.

Veg-tan leather.

Accepts all polishing compounds.