Sailrite® Double-Sided Leather Strop

SKU: 123283



Keep your knives and edge tools sharp with this double-sided leather strop. Regular stropping removes buildup and hones leather edges for clean, precise cutting and extends the life of your leather tools. The rough (flesh) side of the leather is for regular or heavy-duty cleaning and sharpening of cutting edges. Use with a stropping compound for maximum results. The smooth (grain) side of the leather is for polishing blades. Leather strop working surface size: 1-1/2" x 5-1/2"

To use, apply a light coating of the appropriate stropping compound to the flesh side of the strop. Draw knife along the length of the strop in a downward motion, keeping a consistent 15-18 degree angle until a burr is formed along the edge. Flip the blade over and strop the other side until your knife reaches your preferred sharpness. If desired, use the grain side of the strop similarly to polish the blade.


One leather piece for rough (flesh) strop side and one for smooth (grain) side.

Affordable by design.

It is recommended to have two or three strops, one for each polishing compound.

Veg-tan leather.

Accepts all polishing compounds.