Ripstop 0.75 oz. Fluorescent Green 60" Nylon Sailcloth

SKU: 103721



Ripstop 0.75 oz. Nylon Sailcloth is a lightweight spinnaker cloth with a tight construction and an excellent finish. The fabric is impregnated with a durable melamine finish for zero porosity, as well as increased strength and a lower stretch. Ripstop Nylon Sailcloth is one of the most durable nylons in the world: it has a nylon weave construction with a reinforced grid for an increased ability to prevent tears. Ripstop Nylon Sailcloth is most widely used for all-purpose spinnakers, asymmetrical racing spinnakers, drifters and staysails.

Note: Fabric weight is given as the generic weight prior to finishing.

Please note: This fabric width may vary between 59"-60".