Rotary Cutter 45mm

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Rotary Cutter 45mm by Omnigrid®, with a tungsten steel razor-edge blade, will cut fabric, paper, leather, vinyl, mat board and more. It features a soft cushion handle, finger ridges to provide a firm grip and a safety lock. It’s suitable for both right- and left-handed crafters. The blade is protected by a safety guard, which slides back when the rotary cutter is placed against a surface, exposing the blade and allowing you to cut through the materials. When you lift the rotary cutter from your cutting surface, the safety guard slides back into place, protecting both the blade and the crafter.

The pressure sensitive safety guard means there is no button to engage and disengage the blade. This results in faster, easier and more convenient cutting — no opening and closing the blade in between cuts. You should always use a rotary cutting mat when using the tool to protect your cutting surface as well as the blade. The safety lock on the back of the tool locks the blade in place for safe storage.

The rotary cutter features an easy-to-change blade replacement system. The blade is compatible with most other 45mm blades, though an Omnigrid 45mm replacement blade will yield the best results.

To Use: Simply press the rotary cutter against your material and glide the cutter along the cutting path. Lifting the cutter from your application will slide the safety guard back into place.

Warning: The blade guard will expose the blade if the rotary cutter is dropped. Blade is extremely sharp; use with caution.


  • Designed for making precise, detailed cuts
  • Symmetrical Design: Can be used right- or left-handed without changing the blade assembly
  • Blade Safety Shield: No button is necessary to engage or release the blade, it does so automatically
  • Includes a sharp, long-lasting, tungsten steel blade that is easy to change
  • Most 45mm blades can be used with this cutter