Titanium Softgrip® Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter 45mm

SKU: 107123



Titanium Softgrip® Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter by Fiskars® makes cutting thicker or stacked fabrics a breeze. Featuring a titanium-enhanced blade and a retractable design, this rotary cutter makes cutting heavy materials easy and safe. The ergonomically sculpted Softgrip handle fits your hand comfortably and the unique blade design gives right- and left-handed users excellent blade visibility. The Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter is the perfect size for thick fabrics, batting, paper, leather and vinyl.

The blade can be assembled on either side of the rotary cutter, allowing both right- and left-hand users optimal blade visibility. The curved loop design of the handle provides a natural fit to the hand which improves control, as well as letting you keep the cutter in your dominant hand while rearranging materials at the same time.

To Use: Simply engage the sliding button at the top of the handle to extend the blade during use. The thumb lock allows you to secure the blade in either the open or closed position for convenience.

Note: We recommend always using a cutting mat to prolong the life of the blades, as well as your surfaces! Replacement blades are available.

Please Note: This product is available for sale in the United States only.


  • Precision-ground 45mm rotary blade featuring a titanium-enhanced coating
  • Curved Softgrip® Handle
  • Blade Safety Lock
  • Easy Blade Replacement System
  • Can be used right- or left-handed by changing position of blade on handle assembly
  • Ideal for cutting multiple layers of fabric, paper, felt, vinyl and more