Sail & Canvas Repair Kit in Waterproof Box (Right Palm)

SKU: 102571



Sail & Canvas Repair Kit in Waterproof Box contains essential tapes and patch materials for sail, canvas (Sunbrella®) and vinyl repairs with needles, twine, thread and a sail palm for hand sewing even thick assemblies. This sail repair kit includes a waterproof floatable storage box for excellent weather protection.

The Sail & Canvas Repair Kit features Dacron UV repair tape with adhesive backing for sail repair and Tear-Aid patch material for both canvas and vinyl repairs. An adjustable sail palm is helpful for pushing large sailmaker needles through thick fabric assemblies and the pre-waxed twine is used for hand sewing. This repair kit also includes sewing machine thread and a deluxe seam ripper.

Sail & Canvas Repair Kit Includes:

  • Adjustable right hand palm
  • White adhesive backed Dacron
  • Tear-Aid A
  • Tear-Aid B
  • 5 ply waxed twine bobbin 81'
  • V-69 and V-92 White UV Polyester Hembobs
  • Assorted hand sewing needles (5)
  • Wm and Smith sailmaker needles (5)
  • Deluxe seam ripper
  • Large waterproof box (color may vary)