Yachtsman Sail Repair Kit—Right Palm

SKU: 34101A



Yachtsman Sail Repair Kit includes everything you need to do your own sail repairs. This sail repair kit is perfect for offshore cruisers, who may need to repair sails while at sea. Featured in this kit is the Sail Repair Manual, by Sailrite founder, Jim Grant, which is full of practical repair procedures and step-by-step instructions on sail patching, sail cleaning, size modifications. Also included in this reference are helpful sewing tips on hand stitching techniques, and instructions on home sewing machine use, repair and timing adjustments.

Yachtsman Sail Repair Kit Includes:

  • Sail Repair Manual
  • 3 ft. Leechline 5/32″
  • 4 ft. Spun Classic 3-Strand Polyester Line 1/4″
  • Right-handed Adjustable Palm
  • Spool White 5-ply Twine
  • White UV Polyester Thread
  • Pearl Grey Cowhide Leather
  • 6 ft. Dacron Tape White
  • 2 Jiffy Grommets with Rivets
  • #16 Round Point (Sharp) System 130 Needles
  • 5 Hand Sewing Needles (sizes #14-#18)
  • 1 yd. 4 oz. Nylon Flag Cloth
  • Deluxe Seam Ripper
  • Composition Wax Cup
  • Seamstick 1/4″ Basting Tape