Sailrite® Adjustable Leather Stitching Groover

SKU: 123293



Whether hand or machine sewing, a stitching groover is a helpful tool to have on your workbench. This tool cuts a groove in your leather a set distance from the edge, which allows you to sink your stitches below the surface of the leather, preventing thread abrasion and snags. The groove width accommodates sizes V-138 (0.4mm), V-207 (0.5mm) and V-277 (0.6mm) thread. A stitch groover can also be used for decorative purposes.

The Stitching Groover is adjustable between 5/64 and 3/4 inch (2mm-19mm) from the leather’s edge and adjusts easily with a screwdriver (not included). The contoured wooden handle is comfortable and easy to control. Suitable for both right- and left-handed users.

Sharp blade.

Easily sharpened for long-term use.

Comfortable, contoured wooden handle.

Easy to control for perfectly parallel stitch grooves.


Great quality, entry-level beveler.