Sailrite® Carbon Steel Safety Blades (10 pack)

SKU: 123291



This 10 pack of carbon steel replacement blades will keep your Sailrite® Leather Super Skiver (#123290) and Sailrite® Leather Safety Beveler (#123266) cutting like new.

To replace the blade on the Sailrite Leather Safety Beveler: Working from the back of the tool, use a standard screwdriver to push the blade down toward the handle until it comes out. Slide a new blade into the channel, making sure the blade is seated all the way into the groove.

To replace the blade on the Sailrite Leather Super Skiver: Remove the bottom plate with a screwdriver. Position the blade in the slots and reattach the plate.

Vulnerable to rust.

Can lead to a dull blade if not maintained.

More brittle than Stainless Steel.

Easier to sharpen and keep a razor edge but can chip with use.


Maintains sharp edge longer than Stainless Steel.