Sailrite® Leather Edge Beveler 5-in-1 Set

SKU: 123299



Remove the sharpness of leather edges to round and bevel for a polished and pleasing appearance. The Sailrite® 5-in-1 Beveler Set does the work of not just one but five beveling tools. This set contains one handle and the five most common cutting head sizes.

The interchangeable common edger tips include:

  • 1/16" - #1
  • 3/32" - #2
  • 1/8" - #3
  • 5/32" - #4
  • 3/16" - #5

Edge bevelers take off 25% of each side (top and bottom) of your leather piece when looking at the leather’s width. Choose the beveler size that best suits your leather width and desired results. The larger the tool measurement, the wider the bevel.

The contoured wooden beveler handle is comfortable and easy to control. Use this tool to round the edges of leather before burnishing. To swap the cutting heads, unscrew the cap and insert the desired beveler. Screw the locking cap back on and you’re ready to bevel. Suitable for both right- and left-handed users.


Tips include 1/16-, 3/32-, 1/8-, 5/32- and 3/16-inch widths (sizes 1-5).

Sharp beveler blades.

Easily sharpened for long-term beveling.


Quick, interchangeable beveler heads.