Sailrite® Stainless Steel Safety Blades (10 pack)

SKU: 123267



Will last longer than Carbon Steel blades - requiring them to be changes less frequently. This pack of 10 stainless steel replacement blades for the Sailrite® Leather Super Skiver (#123290) and the Sailrite® Leather Safety Beveler (#123266) will keep your tool cutting like new.

To replace the blade on the Sailrite Leather Safety Beveler: Working from the back of the tool, use a standard screwdriver to push the blade down toward the handle until it comes out. Slide a new blade into the channel, making sure the blade is seated completely in the groove.

To replace the blade on the Sailrite Leather Super Skiver: Remove the bottom plate with a screwdriver. Position the blade in the slots and reattach the plate.

Resistant to rust.

Does not need to be cleaned or maintained to prevent rust.

Less brittle than Carbon Steel.

Will not chip or break easily leading to blade longevity.

Less wear-resistant.

Will require sharpening more often to maintain razor edge.