Shuttle Gib Hook for Ultrafeed® & Leatherwork®

SKU: 960122



This is a replacement Shuttle Gib Hook for Ultrafeed®, Leatherwork®, Stitch Master® and Yachtsman Sewing Machines. Damage to the hook can cause skipped stitches, broken thread or tension inconsistency. If you are having these problems, you can replace your hook with this part.

A critical part of stitch formation inside your sewing machine, the gib hook picks up the thread loop formed by the needle on its upward swing. Sailrite’s patented Shuttle Gib Hook features a deeper scarf behind the hook point that reduces the potential for the needle to hit the hook if the needle bends entering the fabric or is pulled out of position when feeding heavy fabric assemblies.

This gib hook is more durable than typical shuttle hooks and takes wear and tear off the sewing machine and reduces sewing issues.