Scrap Busters: Wrap Christmas Gifts With Fabric

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Three ways to wrap Christmas gifts in fabric

Have you ever wrapped a gift in fabric? Fabric can be used to make re-usable gift bags, to accent your wrapping or to take the place of paper altogether. Today we’re going to share some ideas with you that will not only help you spice up your gift wrap game this holiday season, but will also give you a chance to use up some of the fabric scraps in your stash.

1. Embellish Plain Paper

Embellish plain wrapping paper with a colorful band of fabric

This is the simplest method to dress up a plain package and it requires only a little fabric and no sewing. You can use a plain cardboard box for your gift or wrap the gift in kraft paper. Then, cut a strip of fabric using pinking shears and wrap it around the box. Secure the fabric with twine or a ribbon. Finish off the package with a tag.

2. Wrap with Fabric

Fully wrap your gift in fabric using the Japanese Furoshiki method

In Japan, hostess and birthday gifts are often wrapped in fabric using a method called Furoshiki. Creating your own fabric wrapped gifts gives a unique look and is eco-friendly because the wrapping is reusable. To do this, start with a large square of fabric. I wrapped a small box in a 16” square piece, but I probably could have used more. Then, lay out your fabric in a rhombus shape (like a diamond) and set your gift in the center. Over the center of your gift tie two opposing ends in a single knot. Tie the remaining two ends in a double knot over the first knot and pull tightly. Then you can embellish the top with a tag, card, or candy cane.

3. Sew a Fabric Gift Bag

Sew reusable fabric bags to use as gift bags. Embellish with sparkly ribbon

These reusable fabric gift bags look more unique than a paper bag and will last so much longer. Plus, they are great for odd-shaped gifts that would be difficult to wrap in paper. To make this bag, select your fabric and cut one long panel of fabric that is your desired width and twice your desired height. Fold the panel in half widthwise and sew up the sides. Turn the bag right side out. Then you can either hem the top of the bag or cut along the top with pinking shears for a decorative, no fray finish. All that’s left is to put your gift inside and tie the bag up with a pretty ribbon!

Have you ever used fabric for wrapping presents before? Would you? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!