Professional Stainless Steel 9" Pinking Shears

SKU: 125830



These professional pinking shears are a must-have addition to your fabric scissors collection. The stainless steel blades are strong yet light and can easily cut through even the toughest projects. The comfort grip handle fits nicely in your hand for fatigue-free cutting. Cloth edges fray and unravel, and these pinking shears limit the length of frayed thread to minimize unraveling and damage. These pinking shears are great for woven fabrics that have a loose weave. Upgrade your sewing kit with these professional-quality pinking scissors. Right-handed scissors.


  • Cuts All the Way to the Point.
  • Extra-Large Handle.
  • Extra Durable.
  • Hand polished.
  • Reduces woven fabric fraying.
  • Made in Japan.