Sliding Side Mount 7/8" Stainless Steel

SKU: 100697



This is a Sliding Side Mount that is used to give a 1" stand-off from the tubing it is mounting on. It comes with two set screws installed on the slide and a Phillips head bolt with nylon washers at the end of the stand-off projection post. Made of cast 316 stainless steel and polished to a marine bright finish, this fitting is compatible with standard marine end fittings and 7/8" tubing. With a 1-inch projection post length, this mount provides the stand-off space for a grab rail with cloth behind it or enough room for bimini frames to work properly. The range of uses is extensive: grab rails, tensioning and support struts, solar panels, fold away cutting boards, electronics pads, antennae, awnings, and so much more.

Pro Tip: For use with tubing that can be easily unmounted. If the tubing is welded or otherwise secured so it cannot be removed easily, a Hinged Jaw Slide will be needed.

Head Bolt: Phillips Panhead 6mm - 1.0 x 20mm