This specialty presser foot set was designed with your most delicate leatherworking needs in mind. We combined features of a smooth presser foot and a zipper presser foot to create this presser foot set for sewing next to zippers without marring your leather. The incredibly smooth surfaces are the most gentle presser feet and feed dog we offer. The special elongated needle opening makes it easier to see where your stitches will be placed for more accurate sewing.

Because the right side of the feed dog doesn't have a raised edge, you can place a magnetic or other sewing guide right next to the inside presser foot. With a sewing guide in place, you can sew within 1/8 inch of the edge of your fabric assembly. This is ideal for sewing accessories where sewing close to an edge is desired, such as wallets, coin purses or clutches.

This is a three-piece set that includes the inside presser foot, outside presser foot and feed dog. The presser feet do not climb up and down multiple layers of material as well as our other presser feet, so we strongly recommend this for flat assemblies with only minor height transitions. Compatible with Ultrafeed® LS-1, Leatherwork® and Craftool® Pro Stitch Master® Sewing Machines.


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Leatherwork, Stitch Master, Ultrafeed LS-1


Demo of Smooth Left Foot Set for LS & Leatherwork® Sewing Machines


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Janet Herrell
Verified Purchase

Foot for leather working.

Works great on my leather.

Verified Purchase

Worth it

Very useful for leather as it doesn't leave marks. Mine came oiled, so I had to clean it before to avoid staining the leather. Would definitely buy one more to have a spare part.

Woodrow Star
Verified Purchase

good product

Sharon Murphy-Bosanac
Verified Purchase

My leather for my seat has no marks from the foot. I have a lot of projects and this new foot will work perfect. Thank you

George Jannotte
Verified Purchase

can get into tight spots inside corners inside seams when i make holsters. leaves no marks on the leather.

James Robinson
Verified Purchase

good parts

it is all good

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