Soltis® 86 Vinyl Mesh Concrete 69" Fabric

SKU: 120731



Soltis® 86 is an open weave mesh ideal for a wide variety of applications. Lightweight and durable, this mesh is woven from a high-tenacity polyester and encased in a vinyl-laminate. Soltis 86 is made by Serge Ferrari in a patented process that gives the fabric exceptional dimensional stability, long-term strength, perfect flatness and a greater coating thickness at the top of the yarns. Both sides of this fabric are the same, meaning that either side can be exposed. An environmentally friendly choice, Soltis 86 is recyclable and GREENGUARD® certified for clean air quality.

Soltis 86 is ideal for use as sun shades for boat and RV windshields. The great dimensional stability of this fabric means it keeps its shape so you won’t have to use as many snaps when creating your boat or RV sun shade — this also means you’ll drill fewer holes in your boat or RV’s surface for snap fastener installation. The extra-wide width of this fabric means you can better cover large windshields without seams to disrupt your view.

Soltis 86 blocks 86% of solar radiation, while still allowing light to filter through, making it a highly effective sun shield without obstructing visibility. Overall, this fabric is ideal for interior Roller Shades, marine awnings, snap-on marine windshield covers, outdoor shade sails, wire-hung pergolas and RV/automotive sun shades.

Soltis® 86 Vinyl Mesh Aluminum/Anthracite 69" Fabric (#123483) shown.