New England Sta-Set Double Braid Rope is the #1 double braid rope in America. A true multipurpose line, this polyester rope can be used for sheets and controls on a wide range of boats from 420s and Flying Scots to keelboats. The Sta-Set Double Braid has high strength and durability with low stretch. Soft, flexible and long-wearing, the Sta-Set Double Braid Rope is ideal for all types of running rigging, including sail sheets and furling lines.

New England Ropes has an excellent reputation as the leading manufacturer of premium quality rope. Made in New England and tested in some of the world’s most notoriously harsh conditions, New England Ropes provides high-quality performance and worry-free durability.

How much Line? Genoa sheets are generally 1.5 times the length of a boat. For non-overlapping jibs, one boat length is usually enough. Spinnaker sheets are usually twice the length of a boat. We recommend measuring all other running rigging.


  • Easy to handle and splice (inner and outer core)
  • Sees little degradation from UV rays
  • Good resistance to most chemicals and electrical currents
  • Conforms to the physical requirements of Mil-R-24677
  • Sheaves: Recommended ratio is 8:1 (sheave diameter to rope diameter)


Sale Unit: FT
Color: Blue, White
Brand: New England Ropes
Applications: Control Lines, Foreguy (Topping Lift), Furling, Jibsheets, Main & Genoa Halyards, Mainsheets, Reefing, Spinnaker Guy, Spinnaker Halyard, Spinnaker Sheets, Vangs
Cordage Material: Polyester
Size: 5/16"
Diameter: 5/16 inch (8mm)
Tensile Strength: 3,000 pounds
Melting Point: 480°F (Polyester)


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