Stayput™ Fastener Canvas-to-Canvas Black

SKU: 103247



Stayput™ Fastener Canvas-to-Canvas Black is a versatile grommet fastening system for attaching two overlapping sections of fabric. Widely used to secure rolled up openings in fabric covers or walls.

Use a #0 hole cutter to create a hole in the canvas side that will have the Stayput. The area should be at least three layers up to a maximum thickness of 1/8". Simply pass the threaded shaft through the hole and secure with nut style backplate.

The connecting fabric side requires a #1 spur or #2 plain grommet. Grommets must have an inner diameter between 5/16" and 3/8" to securely hook to these fasteners. To connect the fitting simply slide the toggle post through the grommet allowing the toggle to drop in a position where it hangs down.

Stayput fasteners are made from high-quality UV stable Nylon Composite components. Unique design provides a superior and reliable fastening system without the need for springs or pressure to remain securely closed. Stayput Fasteners are resistant to corrosion and will provide many years of trouble-free operation, particularly in a marine environment.