Textilene® Decorative Vinyl Mesh Fern Dance 54" Fabric

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Textilene® Decorative Vinyl Mesh Fabric is a specially formulated, high-strength fabric built to withstand fading, mildew, soiling, and wear and tear. This versatile sling fabric features excellent dimensional stability and is woven from 100% vinyl-coated polyester. It's perfectly engineered for applications that demand extra strength. Textilene will stay flexible in all climates and is designed to remain vibrant and colorful for years, even through continuous outdoor exposure.

Easy to cut, sew and clean, Textilene is a great choice for a variety of both indoor and outdoor projects. This fabric is strong enough to support human weight, making it the perfect choice for sling chairs and other patio furniture. It's also great for exterior marine cushions. With a 93% shade factor, you can easily sew snap-on panels for your boat's windows. It also makes for a durable pergola canopy or other shade on your patio, or as a roller shade to control light in your home. You can even use it for placemats both indoors and out! Textilene Decorative Vinyl Mesh is GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for clean air quality, so you can feel confident using it indoors.

Textilene® Decorative Vinyl Mesh Fern Dance 54" Fabric (#1233571) shown.