The Mainsail Manual Book

The Mainsail Manual Book

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The Mainsail Manual by James Lowell Grant

This book will teach you how to make your own mainsail. The Mainsail Manual primarily focuses on Bermuda mains (the triangular sails that are most common on modern sailboats as mainsails and mizzen sails). For additional information, turn to the extensive appendices concerning lateen, gaff and spirit rigged sails.

This book is included in The Sailmaker's Library.

Cover: Softcover
Pages: 86
Original Publication Date: 1970
Detailed illustrations

The Mainsail Manual Includes:

  • Section I: Sail Design
  • Section II: Sail Construction Procedures
  • Section III: Using Your Sail
  • Appendix A: Lateen Sails, Gaff mainsails, and Gunter Lugsails
  • Appendix B: Mylar-Coated Sailcloth
  • Appendix C: Glossary