The Sail Repair Manual by Jim Grant

A must-have for your boating library, The Sail Repair Manual will help you be self-sufficient by being able to repair your own sails at sea or at home. You will learn hand-stitching techniques as well as how to adjust a home sewing machine to sew through heavy sailcloth. Procedures discussed include: sail patching and repair, methods for correcting draft and seaming flaws, sail cleaning and size modifications. Instructions are all given step-by-step with illustrations.

Cover: Softcover
Pages: 70
Detailed illustrations

The Sail Repair Manual Includes:

  • Homemaker’s Sewing Machine to Make and Repair Sails
  • Fine Tuning a Sewing Machine
  • Hand Stitching Methods
  • Practicing on a Ditty Bag, Repairs and Recutting
  • Cleaning Sails


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: Sailrite


Overall Rating : 4.88 8 Reviews

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Sandra Proctor
Verified Purchase

Kind of beyond my ability but very informative.

Andrew Trent
Verified Purchase

Excellent read, consolidates all rail repair info into one east to find, read book.

William Crowley
Verified Purchase

Sail Repair Made Easy

Helpful tips for sewing Dacron.

Chris Pierce
Verified Purchase


Have not read it yet but it looks like exactly what I needed

Robert Russo
Verified Purchase

Reading this book before a sail repair course. Learned a lot

Guy H.
Verified Purchase

Good info.

A lot of information, Haven't got to use it yet.

John Howard

Straight forward and no frills.

If you are expecting a glossy paged manual with loads of technical jargon, this is not it. I have several of Jim Grants books on making, repairing and caring for sails, he writes in a very easy to understand straight forward presentation. He writes as if he is sitting in the galley with you and explaining the process over a cup of coffee. The illustrations are rudimentary, but they clearly portray the concept or technique that is being explained. This book has been around for many years, but rest assured the information presented is still very relevant today when it comes to working with sails. I'm not sure what edition of the book is on sale here but I have a 1992 third edition of this book and the table of contents are the same as the one on this page. Jim gives you more than enough information in this book to enable you grasp the fundamentals of sail making and sail repair and just enough theory to understand the whys and hows of how a sail works. This book makes a great addition to your reading list.


Clear useful text for sail repairs or re-cutting and cleaning

A good guide to using machine or hand stitching for sail repairs or even modifying the cut of the sail. A small section on sail cleaning also is included with a total of 70 pages plus a few pages for notes. One or two of the illustrations could maybe be a little clearer and perhaps labelled more but a well written, clear text that is encouraging me to " have a go".

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