V-69 Beige UV Bonded Nylon Thread 4 oz. (1,500 yds.)
SKU: 106134
12 Available  - More Coming 12/19/2022


This is a twisted multifilament nylon sewing thread that is ideal for sewing a wide variety of applications. Anefil Nylon thread has good abrasion resistance, excellent seam strength and superior sewability. The bonded finish of this thread gives it a consistent diameter and excellent ply security. Use this nylon thread for automotive and furniture upholstery, leather, luggage and handbags, sporting goods, covers, tie-downs and more. For extra strength or a larger thread look, use a bigger diameter thread. Use this V-69 thread with a #16 or #18 needle.

Anefil Nylon thread has added UV inhibitors that give it extra UV resistance when compared to other nylon threads. This thread should not be used in applications that see sustained outdoor use. A UV polyester thread is recommended for outdoor applications.

Thread on a cone should pull up off the top of the cone for a smoother feed to the sewing machine and add an extra twist in the thread. The extra twist increases thread strength, helps keep the thread from unlaying, and eases tension problems.


Sale Unit: EA
Color: Beige
Brand: Anefil
Size: V-69 / Tex 70 / Gov. E
Breaking Strength: 10.6 pounds
Cone Size: 4 ounces
Yards per Cone: 1,500 yards

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Thread Use: Indoor



Overall Rating : 4.44 9 Reviews

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0 Reviews
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Patricia Loukas
Verified Purchase

Awesome thread

Sailrite support has reached out to this customer directly to resolve the issue or concern.

Julie Mills
Verified Purchase

Great bag making thread

I love using this thread in my bag making. It matches so many colors of the vinyl I use. Thank you, Sailrite!!!

Verified Purchase

Fantastic thread that is sturdy but not too thick, easy to thread through a needle & knot if need be. I will be hard pressed to use regular thread after seeing how nice this is...nice & essential for Sailrite machine sewing. My rave review also includes the comment that it arrived here in Alaska just a few days after I placed the order ($5 shipping).

Verified Purchase

sometimes the ends fray, but it is great weight and strength, i use it for everything except light weight fabrics

Shelley Ticen
Verified Purchase

This is the perfect weight of thread for what I do and it is quality thread

Verified Purchase

Just what I ordered and fast service!


My go to place for thread

I've tried other retailers for this heavy weight thread and find Sailrite's to be the best. It doesn't shred or break. The bonded thread works best for my application, which involves sewing through 4 or more layers of thick fabric. I use the thread with my Sailrite walking foot machine, have tried other brands and have had the least issues with this brand of thread.

Theresa Harvey
Verified Purchase

V 69 UV nylon bonded nylon thread 4 oz

Matched perfectly with my fabric, is very strong and flows well through my sewing machine. My only complaint is that it wants to come off the spool very easily and I have to keep putting it back on the spool to prevent knots from forming when I stop sewing.

Sailrite Response

You may wish to look online for a 'thread net' or 'mesh cone net'. These will provide a loose cover for your thread cone, preventing it from unwinding. 

Johnston Johnston
Verified Purchase

Though the "build a Sunbrella awning" video was remarkable and we built 3 great awnings using all that we learned, the Nylon V-69 thread was not compatible with our fine Bernina sewing machine.

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