Tubing Stainless Steel 1"

SKU: 116500
$7.25 to $50.75



This 1" stainless steel tubing with a super buff (mirror) finish is used for dodger and bimini construction. We recommend using a hacksaw or horizontal band saw and a blade with 24 teeth/inch to cut stainless steel tubing. Made of Type 304 stainless steel. US Steel Mills and DFARS Compliant.

Please Note: The tubing is made to specifications; however, due to the manufacturing process, the tubing length with vary by ± 3/16".

Stainless Steel Care & Cleaning

With proper care and cleaning, stainless steel can be maintained for a lifetime in excellent condition. Many people are surprised to learn that in the presence of chloride salts, free chlorine or sulfide gases, stainless steel can take on a brownish tint (also called a patina), oxidize and even corrode. These elements are present in various environments, including: ocean spray, salted highways, chemical treatments added to swimming pools, and even some groundwater in numerous coastal areas.

The stainless steel tubing manufacturer recommends the following to properly maintain your stainless steel:

  • Wash regularly with fresh water and a high-quality detergent.
  • Clean with a car chrome polish.
  • Wax with either a car or fiberglass wax.
  • DO NOT clean with chlorinated cleaners (no bleach) or scouring powders.
  • DO NOT use sandpaper or abrasive cleaners on buffed or mirror-finished metals.
  • DO NOT clean with muriatic or hydrochloric acid.