Drill Steady Tubing Tool

SKU: 100967



Have you ever tried to drill stainless tubing? Did you have to do it on a rolling boat at the dock? Did the drill bit slip off and mar the tubing? Did the bit slip off and put a hole in something it shouldn't have? With a Drill Steady it never will again.

A simple to use, lifetime guaranteed tool, the Drill Steady requires no disassembly of the tool or frame for use. Simply swing it onto the tubing, clamp the knobs down tightly and drill. It won't slip and you'll have one hand free to hold onto the boat with.

This tool is a modified electric ground clamp. What makes it special is the hardened pressed bushing for the drill bit entry and the easy to adjust thumb screws to make clamping and unclamping quick. In addition, one side of the tool is spring loaded which aids in removal after the pilot hole is drilled. The Drill Steady is compatible with tubing measuring 1/2 inch–1-1/8 inch in diameter.

Please Note: If you need a larger hole use the tool and a 1/8" drill bit; drill the hole all the way through your tubing then use a larger drill bit to enlarge your existing hole without the use of the tool.