Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Collapsible Sewing Table

SKU: 104821



The Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Collapsible Sewing Table is a portable, collapsible sewing table featuring a convenient drop-down shelf. We worked with Arrow Cabinets, the manufacturer of the Gidget II Sewing Table, to customize the dropped shelf so it is sized to accommodate an Ultrafeed Sewing Machine in either the former Deluxe Carrying Case or the current Industrial Carrying Case, as of 2016. (Please Note: The Ultrafeed Wooden Base #104831 that came standard with the discontinued BASIC Ultrafeed Machines will NOT fit in this table). The shelf is strong enough to hold a 65-pound sewing machine and can also be raised up and locked in place to give the table dual use.

The Ultrafeed Collapsible Table features folding steel legs that lock in place for use and secure under the table with a hook and loop strip when folded. When folded flat, the table can easily store under a table or a bunk. One side of the table features two wheels, for easy transport. The tabletop has a mar-resistant melamine surface with a handy measuring tape across the front.

The height of the drop-down shelf is adjustable to fit your machine. Just lower the shelf and adjust the wing nut under the table to alter the height. The Ultrafeed Sewing Machine will fit comfortably on the shelf in either the Deluxe Carrying Case or the Industrial Carrying Case. The easiest way to insert and remove the machine is to separate the case bottom from the machine and put the case bottom on the table shelf first. Then place the machine back onto the case bottom.

Table ships fully assembled. Assembled Weight: 30 lbs.