Tex 70 (V-69) Hoover Grey Bonded Nylon Thread 4 oz. (1,500 yds.)

SKU: 124944



This is a twisted multifilament nylon sewing thread that is ideal for sewing a wide variety of applications. Fil-Tec Bonded Nylon Thread has good abrasion resistance, excellent seam strength and superior sewability. The bonded finish of this thread gives it a consistent diameter and excellent ply security. Use this nylon thread for furniture upholstery, leather goods, luggage and handbags, and more. For extra strength or a larger thread look, use a bigger diameter thread. Use this Tex 70 thread with a #16 or #18 needle.

Please note that this nylon thread has no UV inhibitors and is recommended for indoor applications only. Not recommended for use on outdoor cushion covers or sporting equipment. If you are looking for a nylon upholstery thread with some UV resistance, search for our Anefil line of Bonded Nylon Thread.

Thread on a cone should pull up off the top of the cone for a smoother feed to the sewing machine and add an extra twist in the thread. The extra twist increases thread strength, helps keep the thread from unlaying, and eases tension problems.


  • Good abrasion resistance and seam strength.
  • High bond quality and consistent thread diameter
  • Excellent sewability.
  • Recommended for indoor projects only.