W-1 Hand Press Button Cover Die & Hole Cutter (Standard) #45 (1-1/8")
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Use this die set with the C.S. Osborne W-1 Hand Press (sold separately) to create custom, fabric-covered buttons for upholstery projects. This set accommodates fabric of regular weight and size 45 buttons. With these dies you can cut a perfectly sized circle of fabric and then wrap the fabric around the button form quickly and easily. The hole cutter in this set cuts fabric disks that are 1-3/4” in diameter.

To use, first use the cutting die in conjunction with the nylon cutting block (included with the hand press) to cut a fabric circle. It helps to place a thin layer of cardboard under the fabric during cutting. Then install the die with the spring in the bottom of the tool and set the button back inside with the inside of the button facing up. Holding the top die in your hand, press the fabric decorative side down into the concave portion of the die. Place the button top on top of the fabric, concave side up, and use the dowel to firmly press the assembly into the die. Turn the top die upside down and mate it on top of the bottom die. Firmly depress the lever and you’ll have a finished button.

Please Note: This set contains two #45 upholstery button setting dies, a cutting die and a dowel. The W-1 Hand Press is required for use with this set and is sold separately.

Optimal Fabric Thickness Recommendations for Die Set

Minimum Fabric Thickness: 0.014"

Maximum Fabric Thickness: 0.025"

Please Note: These thickness recommendations produced the best setting results. Anything outside these measurements did not work with 100 percent success.


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: C.S. Osborne
Size: 1-1/8"


Demo of CS Osborne W-1 Hand Press

How to Make Fabric Covered Buttons


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