#1 W-1 Hand Press Spur Grommet Die Set & Hole Cutter 5/16"

SKU: 120744



Use this die set in your C.S. Osborne W-1 Hand Press (sold separately) to install #1 brass and nickel spur grommets. Spur grommets feature metal spurs on the inside of the rim so they won’t easily pull out or spin in the fabric of your application, resulting in a longer lasting attachment.

This set contains three dies to cut holes for and set your spur grommets. First, you’ll need to cut a hole in the fabric. Install the cutting die in the top of the tool and set the nylon cutting block (included with the hand press) on the base of the tool to cut the hole. Then install the two setting dies to set the grommet. Insert the male grommet piece on the female die and vice versa. To operate the tool, just press the handle until you feel firm pressure. Then your fastener is set!

Please note:

This set contains only the three #1 spur grommet dies. The W-1 Hand Press is sold separately.