How to Wrap Fabric Around the Corners of a Backer Board

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Mastering upholstery work can be hard. In all our years of DIY experience, we’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way that we’re happy to share with our customers. We want to equip you with the knowledge and supplies to produce professional-looking upholstery pieces. Today, we’ve got a quick tip on how to wrap fabric around corners during upholstery work.

If you’re upholstering a backer board, headboard or something similar, it may seem like an easy task. That is, until you get to the corner. Once you get to the corner, you’ll discover all of the excess fabric bulk that has accumulated. With all that extra fabric bulk at the corners, it can be tricky and hard to wrap your fabric so it doesn’t show wrinkles at the corner.

Our short upholstery tips video shows you our tricks for achieving a smooth corner with no wrinkles and extra fabric bulk. We’ll demonstrate how to wrap fabric both for sharp 90-degree corners and slightly rounded corners. This simple upholstery hack will make all the difference for your next project.

To tackle this DIY demonstration, we’re using the Sailrite® Long Nose Upholstery Staple Gun. With its shock-absorbing handle and ergonomic comfort hand grip, it’s every upholsterer’s best friend. Plus, it’s specially engineered to perfect penetration of the staples, meaning it won’t drive staples in so deep that they damage wood or fabric, unlike other pneumatic upholstery staple guns. This tool is a must-have for all your upholstery projects.

We hope you found this upholstery tip helpful! Do you have any tips or tricks you’ve learned during your upholstery work? Share them for our readers in the comments section below. And for other DIY tips and tricks, be sure to check out our inventory of useful blogs and videos. We’re your one-stop DIY shop for all the supplies and how-tos you need to become an expert DIYer.