Leatherwork® Setup & Assembly Video

SKU: X-HT-300525



Welcome to your brand-new Sailrite® Leatherwork® Sewing Machine! You will absolutely love sewing veg tan leather, suede, upholstery leather, belt and garment leather, and so much more with this compact, full power leather sewing machine. Not only does this sewing machine handle leather up to 1/4 inch or 16 oz. like a dream, but with a few easy adjustments you can also sew canvas, denim, vinyl, waxed canvas, upholstery fabric and more. This machine is a true joy to sew with, and we know you're going to love it.

This blog is a companion to your Leatherwork guidebook. If you don't have your guidebook handy or if you prefer to follow video instructions, this video will walk you through the assembly process. We'll show you how to assemble the parts of your table and motor setup to get your machine ready for sewing. We walk you through the complete assembly process — just follow along and you’ll be using your new Leatherwork Sewing Machine in no time!

All of the parts and assembly components are included in your Leatherwork packaging. When unpacking, please try to keep the components and hardware within each box together. It will make the assembly process faster and easier if you're not searching for components. To assemble the table and motor, you'll just need a few of your own tools including a hammer or mallet, wrenches, screwdrivers, and other basic tools.

After you have the table and motor assembled, and you've secured the machine head into the table, it's time to get to know your sewing machine! Part 2, "Leatherwork Use Video" (#300526XHT) will walk you through the basics of how your machine works. You'll learn how to thread the machine, how to wind a bobbin, and how to start sewing.

We hope you enjoy your new Leatherwork Sewing Machine! If you need project ideas, be sure to explore our collection of hundreds of free how-to project videos. We have great hobby project tutorials including a tool roll (#300506XHT), bucket tool organizer (#300527XHT), duffle bag (#300433XHT), backpack (#300414XHT) and more. Locate the "How-To" section of our website and select "Projects & Tips" to start exploring.