3M™ Specialty Adhesive Remover 32 oz. (Quart)

SKU: 108984



3M™ Specialty Adhesive Remover is a blend of solvents designed to remove reactive adhesives from a variety of substrates prior to their curing. Reactive adhesives are adhesives that require a hardener or catalyst in order for the bond to occur and include epoxies, urethanes and silicones. Some common uses for 3M Specialty Adhesive Remover include removing overspray from headliner installation, removing residual adhesive when replacing sail numbers, removing dried adhesive from stickers, and removing overspray from your upholstery work area.

This product should be used in a well-ventilated area away from any ignition sources such as sparks or open flame. You should wear appropriate safety protection when using the product.

To Use: Wet a clean cloth or paper towel with adhesive remover. Wipe the desired area. Reapply adhesive remover onto fresh cloth or paper towel and repeat process. Thoroughly remove the adhesive from the surface. Wipe the surface with a clean dry paper towel or cloth to remove any remaining residue.