A Guide to Staples – Stainless Steel vs. Galvanized Staples

Item # X-HT-300226

Although galvanized steel staples and stainless steel staples are similar in terms of appearance and strength, some projects call for one over the other. Stainless steel is made by adding chromium to molten steel. This type of steel features impressive strength and resistance to rust. It’s also great for applications where saltwater exposure will be a factor, but should not be exposed to chlorine. Generally, stainless steel staples are ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects but cost a bit more than galvanized steel staples. They are the only staples we would highly recommend for outdoor and marine projects.

Galvanized steel staples are made of steel and then coated with a layer of zinc to help guard against general corrosion. Galvanized steel staples are less expensive than stainless steel and are great for indoor projects where there will be no contact with moisture or other debris. If exposed to excessive moisture, especially saltwater, galvanized steel staples may rust over time. Generally, if there’s a chance that your project could be exposed to moisture of any kind, it is recommended that you use stainless steel staples to avoid rusting; but, galvanized steel staples are very popular for indoor upholstery projects.

Our staples work perfectly with our very own Sailrite® Upholstery Long and Short Nose Staple guns, which are pneumatic (air powered) tools that are ideal for upholstery projects for your home, boat, car or RV. Their high quality and ergonomic design is sure to make your next DIY project easier and more fun. If you have the EZE Staple Gun, these staples are compatible with that model also! Any staple gun that accepts 1/2-inch crown staples or is listed as a 21 gauge staple gun will work with these staples. No matter which type you decide on, we are your one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to complete your project. We also have helpful support staff available if you need any other questions answered.