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Sailrite® offers an excellent assortment of fasteners and hooks for your next big project. These top-quality fasteners are ideal for use in making your own boat covers, dodgers, enclosure curtains, solar shade panels, custom car convertible tops, trailered boat covers and so much more. We stock preferred brands like DOT®, YKK®, Suncor® and Loxx® to ensure that our discerning customers are pleased with the quality and longevity of each component. Stock up on snap fasteners, twist-lock fasteners, Lift-the-DOT® fasteners, pull fasteners and more at We also have hook fasteners, plastic fabric hooks and snap hooks.

Not all fasteners are the same; each one has its own features and benefits. A few things to consider when choosing the right fastener for your project include strength — how easily do you want the fastener to come apart? — profile and ease of installation. For example, while snap fasteners are convenient and easy to use, they offer moderate strength, so they’re not great for situations where you need serious security. Pull-the-DOT® Fasteners are a great option for situations where you need a low-profile fastener with better strength than snap fasteners. A low-profile design won’t get in your way or stick out, but may be more difficult to grab onto and locate in a pinch. We have high-strength Common Sense® fasteners for those jobs.

You can use high-strength Common Sense Twist-Lock Fasteners in situations where you don’t want the fastener to easily pull apart. These are high-profile fasteners featuring a manual twist mechanism so that they won’t come undone unless you need them to. We recommend exploring our Fastener Selection Guide for additional information on each type of fastener. Here at Sailrite, we’re not just in the business of selling essential sailmaking, canvaswork and crafting supplies. We’re also in the business of helping our customers bring their big ideas to life. We’re always happy to help provide you with in-depth details and advice on any one of these products to ensure that you get the appropriate fastener for your project.

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Tenax® Pull It Up Fastener Stud Long Thread
Closeout $7.95/PK5
Cam Buckle Black 1"
Lift-The-DOT® Standard Height Stud Two Hole Base
1 - 9$22.20/PK10
10 - 99$19.98/PK10
100 +$18.87/PK10
Lift-The-DOT® Cloth-to-Surface
1 - 9$14.45/10Pk
10 - 99$13.01/10Pk
100 +$12.28/10Pk
Lift-The-DOT® Cloth-to-Cloth
1 - 9$13.75/10Pk
10 - 99$12.38/10Pk
100 +$11.69/10Pk
Lift-The-DOT® Double Height Machine Screw Stud
1 - 9$17.20/PK10
10 - 99$15.48/PK10
100 +$14.62/PK10
SnapRite® Fastener Cloth-to-Cloth Set With Buttons (Nickel Plated)
1 - 9$4.60/10Pk
10 - 99$4.14/10Pk
100 +$3.91/10Pk
SnapRite® Fastener Cloth-to-Surface Set 3/8" Stud (Nickel Plated)
1 - 9$6.45/10Pk
10 - 99$5.81/10Pk
100 +$5.48/10Pk
SnapRite® Fastener Cloth-to-Surface Set 3/8" Stud (Stainless Steel)
1 - 9$6.90/10Pk
10 - 99$6.21/10Pk
100 +$5.87/10Pk
Tenax® Pull It Up Fastener 5/8" Wood Screw Long Head
Closeout $5.95/PK5
Tenax® Pull It Up Fastener 5/8" Wood Screw
Closeout $4.95/PK5
Tenax® Pull It Up Fastener 1/2" Wood Screw
Closeout $4.95/PK5
Tenax® Pull It Up Fastener 3/8" Wood Screw
Closeout $3.95/PK5
Tenax Pull It Up Fastener Nut
Closeout $1.25/PK5
Lift-The-DOT® Machine Screw Stud 5/8"
1 - 9$4.60/PK10
10 - 99$4.14/PK10
100 +$3.91/PK10
Lift-The-DOT® Eyelet-Type Base Washer
1 - 9$1.20/PK10
10 - 99$1.08/PK10
100 +$1.02/PK10
Lift-The-DOT® Long Eyelet-Type Base Stud
1 - 9$4.65/PK10
10 - 99$4.19/PK10
100 +$3.95/PK10
Lift-The-DOT® Eyelet-Type Base Stud
1 - 9$4.15/PK10
10 - 99$3.74/PK10
100 +$3.53/PK10
Lift-The-DOT® Socket (Extended Legs)
1 - 9$6.85/PK10
10 - 99$6.17/PK10
100 +$5.82/PK10
DOT® Twist-Lock Back Plate For Barrel Stud
1 - 9$1.10/PK10
10 - 99$0.99/PK10
100 +$0.94/PK10