Assorted (#4, 8) Needles for Speedy Stitcher® Sewing Awl (3 pack)

SKU: 121780



These assorted needles for the Speedy Stitcher® Sewing Awl include a straight #4 needle, straight #8 needle and a curved #8 needle. Smaller than the #8 needles, the #4 needle is intended to be used with smaller threads. It can be used with fine, waxed polyester twine (#17090), as well as V-69, V-92, and V-138 threads. The larger #8 needles can be used with coarse, waxed polyester twine (#15090).

To replace a needle, place the desired needle in the Speedy Stitcher thread post and make sure the grooves in the needle and the grooves in the thread post are aligned with each other.

A Note On Needles: The curved needle can be used to gain additional leverage when stitching thick materials, as well as to create a smoother finish when stitching inside a seam or along an edge. The curved needle is also used for corner work, as it can help you get into - and out of - tight spaces. However, there is an element of preference, as some users prefer the curved needle to the straight needle for all their sewing with the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl. It is recommended by the manufacturer to try both and see what feels best to you.