Sailrite® 2" Swing-Away Binder
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Quickly and easily add a Sailrite® professional, finished edge to your sewing projects with a 2" Swing-Away Binder attachment for your sewing machine. This binder automatically guides and folds binding tape and facing into place over the edge of the fabric as you sew. The swing bracket does not need to be removed after use, just swing the binder out of the way. Skip hemming and easily finish the edges of awnings, dodgers, biminis, sails and more with binding tape and this 2" Swing-Away Binder.

Sailrite’s Swing-Away Binder is a high-quality design manufactured in Japan. Facing feeds smoothly and folds evenly, even at sewn splices. This swing binder features an exclusive stop screw, which prevents the binder from jumping over its frame and being pulled into the needle when sewing heavy items. This “stop” is a must when using a powerful walking foot sewing machine.

This binder attachment works with any 2-inch tape or facing including Sunbrella® facing, Stamoid™ facing, webbing and custom-cut fabric tapes. You can also use this binder to install Dacron® sail tape on sail edges. The gate of the binder is even wide enough to feed a leech line through. Or use this binder to attach flat, 2-inch webbing for fastener and grommet reinforcement. This binder attachment will work with fabric assemblies that can be compressed to about 5mm thick.

Our 2-inch binder can also be used for making custom piping with 5/32-inch piping cord. Install a left roping zipper foot on your sewing machine and feed the cord into the center of the binder at the fold as you sew. Sew just the piping first, without trying to attach it to your application during this step. When your required length of piping has been sewn, cut down the flange on the piping to about 3/8 inch wide. If the flange is left too wide bending the piping at cushion corners will be difficult.

Two, 6-40 screws for attaching the binder to a sewing machine are included. This binder attachment is for home and commercial use. To confirm this binder attachment will work on your machine, make sure there are two holes in the bed of the machine to the right of the needle plate.


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Apprentice, Big-N-Tall, Fabricator, Leatherwork, Mini-Walker, Professional, Sailmaker, Sailrite 111, SR200, Stitch Master, Ultrafeed LS, Ultrafeed LSZ, Yachtsman
Brand: Sailrite
Size: 2"
Warranty: 90 Days



2" Swing-Away Binder Demo

Use the 2" Swing-Away Binder for facing tapes, webbing, Dacron tape and even making your own piping.

Installing and Using Your 2" Swing-Away Binder

How to install and use the 2" Swing-Away Binder. This 2-inch binder from Sailrite sews facing or any 2" tape (as long as it is medium or heavy weight) to the edge of a fabric or canvas application. If your sewing lighter 2" tapes this video will show how you can accomplish that also.

Folding & Sewing Webbing using the Sailrite 2" Swing Away Binder

Watch as the Sailrite® 2" Swing-Away Binder folds a 2" wide webbing in half and the Sailrite Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 sews it along a small sample piece of a cargo or safety netting.

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