Boat Blanket Fender Cover Kit Gray

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Sew it yourself! Boat Blanket Protection Kit is great for fender covers or protecting anything that needs a strong, durable and soft fabric. Boat Blanket fabric is made from solution-dyed polyester and is tough enough to use as a fender cover but soft enough that it will not harm the sides of a boat. Boat Blanket is intended for use against gel coat and other hard-coated surfaces. Use caution when using against painted or thin, clear-coated surfaces.

Boat Blanket is a protective padding material that is extremely tough, resistant to sun rot and chemicals, immune to mildew, colorfast, soft and resilient. This fabric is great for making protective covers such as: fender covers, anti-scorching sun strips, pier piling covers, trailer bunk covers, boat cover and webbing sling pads.

Boat Blanket Cleaning Instructions: We recommend using Iosso Mold & Mildew Stain Remover to clean Boat Blanket material. Soak the material in the cleaner, and then rinse well and let dry.

Enough Material to Make:

  • Fender Covers up to 34" Circumference by 36" Long: 4
  • Fender Covers up to 34" Circumference by 24" Long: 6
  • Fender Covers up to 16" Circumference by 18" Long: 16



  • 2 yd. Boat Blanket Fabric
  • 25 ft. White Polyester Hook 1"
  • 4 oz. Tex 70 White UV Polyester Thread
  • Boat Blanket Protection Kit Instructions

Kit comes with only hook side tape. The fuzzy side of the Boat Blanket material acts as the loop.

Please note: There are additional styles of boat fender covers. Refer to our blog "How to Make a Boat Fender Cover - Center Rope Style Video" (200644XHT) for details.