Gingher® 8" Scissors Right Handed

SKU: 19104



Gingher® Scissors Right Handed are knife-edged dressmaker shears designed for cutting tough polyester and other synthetic fabrics. These shears feature a long, precision-ground, knife-edge blade that cuts multiple layers of fabric easily — all the way to the tip! The bent-handle design of these shears makes cutting on a table easy and comfortable. A storage sheath is included to protect the blades when not in use. The shears’ knife-edge can be re-sharpened with a Sharpening Stone (sold separately). Ideal for cutting patterns, trimming seams or cutting long swaths of fabric; they even work well on slippery nylon and Dacron® sailcloth.

To Use: Start the initial cut and slide along the fabric for a quick, clean cut.

Please Note: Scissors are available in right- and left-handed versions. These are right-handed scissors.

Use & Care: Occasionally placing one drop of oil in the pivot area will facilitate a smooth cutting action. The inside surfaces of the blades should be wiped frequently with a dry cloth to remove accumulated lint.

Please Note: This product is available for sale in the United States only.


  • 100% Double-Plated Chrome-Over-Nickel Finish
  • Cuts All the Way to the Point
  • Extra-Large Angled Handle
  • Extra Durable
  • Use for Cutting Patterns or Long Swaths of Fabric