Can I Put My Ultrafeed® in a Table?

Item # X-HT-300164

We’ve had many customers ask us, “can I put my Ultrafeed® in a table?” and the answer is yes, you can! While the Ultrafeed was designed to be portable, we know that many DIYers prefer to work at a sewing table from time to time (or always!). Sailrite now offers three different options of Ultrafeed tables, for those times you’d prefer a stationary workspace.

If you’re thinking about getting a table for your Ultrafeed, it’s important to consider how often you take your Ultrafeed from place to place. Our table setups vary from collapsible tables that will fold up and hit the road with you, to an industrial machine style setup complete with a Servo motor. To help you select the best table for you, let’s take a closer look at each of these options.

Ultrafeed Collapsible Sewing Table

Ultrafeed Collapsible Sewing Table

The simplest option is the Ultrafeed Collapsible Sewing Table, which fits the Ultrafeed in the Industrial Carrying Case on the table’s dropdown shelf. This shelf makes the machine flush with the main surface of the table. Perhaps the best part of this table is that it folds down flat so it can be just as portable as the Ultrafeed itself!

Ultrafeed Industrial Sewing Table

Ultrafeed Industrial Sewing table

Set up your Ultrafeed in a slightly more permanent, professional-style table with the Ultrafeed Industrial Sewing Table. This table requires the Ultrafeed to be removed from its carrying case and installed into the custom cutout on the tabletop. A very sturdy set up, this table gives you ample room to spread out large projects.

Ultrafeed Industrial Sewing Table & Workhorse® Servo Motor

Ultrafeed Industrial Sewing Table with Workhorse Motor.

For the most stationary set up, you can choose to install your Ultrafeed in the Industrial Sewing Table with our Workhorse® Servo Motor. In this option, the portable motor is removed from the Ultrafeed and it’s powered by our larger Servo motor—the same motor that comes standard on our Fabricator and Professional sewing machines. This arrangement gives your Ultrafeed even more power and control at slow speeds and makes it more similar to a larger industrial machine.


If you sew on the go a lot, we’d recommend choosing the Ultrafeed Collapsible Sewing Table. The Ultrafeed Industrial Table is a great choice for those who sew mostly at home, but sometimes at the marina or elsewhere, as the set up of the machine in the table is quick and easy and you’ll get a sturdier workstation. If you don’t actually take your Ultrafeed out of your sewing room and you want extra slow speed power, the Ultrafeed Industrial Sewing Table & Workhorse Servo Motor are for you.

To learn more about each of these table options, visit our Table Stands category.