Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Industrial Sewing Table

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With the Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Industrial Sewing Table, you now have the ability to create a stationary sewing setup for your portable Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine. This table creates a solid, stationary workstation for your Ultrafeed, and its industrial size makes it convenient for working on large-scale sewing projects. Spread out your sewing assembly on the tabletop with a cutout designed to perfectly house the Ultrafeed machine without its case. The machine safely sits on included hinges at the back of the table cutout.

Easy Swap Hinges make it incredibly easy to move the Ultrafeed from the carrying case to the table and vice versa. Easy Swap Hinge Set (#123676) sold separately.

For Ultrafeed Machines With the WorkerB Power Pack

For an industrial experience with the convenience of portability, nothing beats this table paired with the WorkerB motor on your Ultrafeed. When you put your Ultrafeed with WorkerB in this table, you get an industrial table setup without the hassle of a stationary servo motor. The WorkerB is attached to your Ultrafeed, which means you can drop the machine right into the table cutout without having to install an under-the-table servo motor. When you're ready to take your Ultrafeed on the go, simply lift it out of the table and put it back in its carrying case.

This sewing setup truly does it all. The Ultrafeed with WorkerB in the Industrial Sewing Table is the best of both worlds: the equivalence in power of an industrial motor setup with the versatility of a portable machine. It's the most convenient and easiest system for switching back and forth between a portable and stationary sewing setup.

NEW FOR FEBRUARY 2023: The latest Ultrafeed machine versions come with Easy Swap Hinges. Add Easy Swap Hinge Bases (#124055) to make switching back and forth from the Industrial Carrying Case to the table quick and easy. Add the Easy Swap Hinge Set (#123676) if you have a previous version of the Ultrafeed machine.

For Ultrafeed Machines With the Standard Motor

The industrial table offers more workspace for your Ultrafeed, allowing you to have more control and more comfort when sewing large projects. Just drop your machine into the cutout. When you need to take your machine with you, just pop it out of the table and put it back in its carrying case. Having more room to work will bring added convenience and productivity to your sewing routine.

Add the Easy Swap Hinge Set (#123676) for the easiest way to switch back and forth from the portable case to the stationary table. For better power and slow-speed control, consider upgrading your previously standard AC motor to the WorkerB® Power Pack Motor System (#122892).

About the Table

The tabletop is custom made for Sailrite in the USA from 1-1/2-inch thick, sturdy plywood. The table is laminated with melamine on both the top and bottom. Laminating the table bottom increases table strength and prevents the table from bowing from the weight of the machine. Included in this table package is a threaded insert that lets you easily install your existing Integrated Thread Stand (not included in table package) directly into the tabletop. The tabletop surface measures 47-1/2 inches wide x 20 inches deep with a 14-3/4-inch x 7-1/8-inch cutout for the sewing machine. The tabletop sits on our sturdy, metal K-Leg Table Frame. Raise or lower the height on these legs from 28 to 34 inches for the most comfortable sewing position. An included oil tray helps to prevent oil drips. The legs measure 16-5/8 inches from front to back and the frame width is 38 inches. Assembly of the table is required. Once fully assembled, the table weighs 51 pounds without the Ultrafeed.

Note: A treadle pedal and mounting parts comes with this package but is not shown in the photographs. The treadle is included in the event that you would like to add the Workhorse® Servo Motor & Speed Reducer for Ultrafeed® Sewing Tables (#122986). Please keep these parts for possible future use. Four included rubber leg cushions keep the table from sliding on smooth floors.

Package Includes:

  • K-Leg Table Frame.
  • Laminate tabletop.
  • Oil tray.
  • Notions drawer.
  • Related assembly hardware and components.