Carbiepoles™ Adjustable Carbon Fiber Shade Pole 53mm/2" Black

SKU: 122860



These handcrafted, adjustable (telescoping) carbon fiber poles will vastly improve your shade extension experience. These 53mm carbon fiber poles are incredibly lightweight and very strong. They incorporate an internal rigging system with a pulley and cleat to tension your sun shade awning, making setup quick and easy. This larger size Carbiepoles carbon fiber pole is great for sun shades on patios, decks and pools as well as sun shades on larger boats (such as yachts) where more strength is required for a larger shade sail area. This 53mm pole will not fit in most rod holders, therefore the use of the stainless steel Carbiepoles™ Separating Mounting Base 53mm is very important for installation on boats.

Carbiepoles™ can be retracted or extended from 80 to 108 inches via a high-quality adjustable cam lock, which means you can set your awning or sun shade exactly where you want it. The Carbiepole now includes an installed padeye, which can be used with an adjustable strap (not included) to create equal tension on both sides of the pole so that the pole does not flex under large loads. Enjoy your boat at anchor or at the sandbar and stay cool and shaded with the help of Carbiepoles!

Note: Support straps must be installed to equalize pressure to the front and back of the poles while the poles are under load. Failure to install straps will void all warranties. Sailrite recommends Carbie Adjustable Webbing Straps.

Please Note: It is not recommended boating at more than 11mph (10 knots) with the shade and poles up unless a Carbie Adjustable Webbing Strap is affixed to the already installed padeye (opposite the pulley). We recommend using a Fixed Eye Snap Hook (#122747) on the end of the rigging line for quick attachment to your sun shade canopy.