Constructing a Full Batten Mainsail Sail Kit

Item # X-HT-200334

Have you ever thought about sewing your own mainsail? Why pay a sail shop hundreds of dollars when you can have your own Sailrite® Sail Kit specially designed to fit your sailboat. In this video series, we’re going to show you how a full batten mainsail is sewn using a Sailrite Sail Kit. Don’t be intimidated by the size of this sewing project, it’s actually fairly easy to sew a sail as long as you have the proper supplies. Let’s get started.

This 14-part video series will show you the step-by-step construction of a mainsail kit designed for a Seaward 24 Sailboat. This sail includes full battens, slugs, leech line, outhaul slug and reef points. Sailrite Sail Kits are computer designed and plotted using our high-tech plotting software. Each sail is plotted and designed for maximum performance with the draft, twist, entry and exit curves carefully calculated, controlled and positioned.

The panels are all precut to make assembly easy and accurate. Every sail kit comes complete with all the materials you’ll need, including high-grade sailcloth from only the top brands. Included in every sail kit is a detailed set of instructions to help you sew and assemble your sail.

Feel the pride and joy of hoisting a sail you made yourself using a Sailrite Sail Kit! So jump right in with this video series and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with help from Sailrite. If you’re looking for other sailboat DIY projects, be sure to check out our entire inventory of marine how-to videos. Under the “How-To” section you can search through the “Marine Projects” tab for blogs about sailmaking, sail repair, boat safety and more.

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Video Contents and Run Times:

  • Description of Sail Kits (1:35 min.)
  • Intermediate Reef Patches (4:10 min.)
  • Assembling Corner Patches (11:57 min.)
  • Installing Full Battens (13:09 min.)
  • Basting Sail Panels Together (2:23 min.)
  • Installing Leech Tape with Leech Line (8:59 min.)
  • Boltrope on Luff & Foot (9:13 min.)
  • Headboard Installation (2:22 min.)
  • Finishing the Batten Pockets (4:02 min.)
  • Slug Installation (1:02 min.)
  • Leech Line Cleat Installation (1:02 min.)
  • Sewn Ring & Eyelet (10:53 min.)
  • Outhaul Slug at Clew (1:32 min.)
  • Finished Sail (36 seconds)