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At Sailrite, we know a thing or two about sails. We'll help you become a more self-reliant sailor and build a custom-made sail for your boat. Choose from our selection of ready-made popular sail kits, or have a sail custom designed for you by our expert Sail Designer. Our kits come with all the supplies, instructions and know-how you need. With help from Sailrite, sailing has never been easier.

Popular Sail Kits

Easy-to-order kits for the most popular sailboats. These include sails for common home-built boat models as well as smaller, high-production boats.

Dinghy/One Design Custom Sails

Generally smaller boats or One Design boats that have class-defined specifications for each sail.

Cruiser/Racer Custom Sails

Generally larger boats with multiple combinations of sail types and sizes determined by boat rig dimensions.

Tips for Sewing Large Sails
on the Ultrafeed® LSZ

Did you know that the Ultrafeed LSZ Sewing Machine can sew sails up to 35 feet? That’s right! Though small and compact, this heavy-duty portable machine has the power to tackle large or heavy sail assemblies. In this blog, we give you some tips and pointers to help make your sail construction or sail repair jobs as smooth and successful as possible.

Sailrite’s Roots Are in Sailmaking

Sailrite started back in 1969 after founders Jim and Connie Grant took an interest in building their own sails. As the story goes, Jim was in need of new sails for the Cal 20 National regatta and a local sailmaker couldn’t make them in time. So Jim bought the material and made a full set of sails himself. He sailed in the regatta and won second place! This, naturally, sparked interest among the other sailors and soon Jim, a college professor, began selling a correspondence course on sailmaking. These courses were the beginning of Sailrite. The rest, as they say, is history.

Things to Know

We've designed our sail kits to be easy to assemble.

All panels arrive precut, labeled and numbered and come with detailed step-by-step instructions. Seaming and hemming lines are plotted on each panel and double-sided tape is included to hold panels together during construction. Best of all, Sailrite's expert staff will help guide you through the ordering and construction process.

Our sail kits are designed and plotted using state-of-the-art equipment.

Each sail is custom designed for maximum performance with the draft, twist, entry and exit curves carefully calculated, controlled and positioned on each sail. In addition, we use only the highest quality materials from brands such as Bainbridge, Challenge and Contender.

Q&A With Sail Designer Jeff Frank

Are you thinking about sewing your own sails but aren’t sure what the process involves? Have you ever wondered what work goes into designing and plotting custom sails? We sat down with our resident sail expert and Sailrite Sail Designer Jeff Frank to talk sails. Read our interview for an in-depth look at what goes into designing a custom sail kit, our state-of-the-art computer design program for plotting and cutting the sails, and more. Plus, we get to know the man behind the sails a little better and learn about Jeff’s sailing background and design experience.

Popular How-To Projects