Constructing a Roller Furling Jib or Genoa Sail Kit

Item # X-HT-200323

Are you a sailor who is interested in sewing their own sails? Why pay a sail shop to sew your sails when Sailrite has the tools, supplies, sail kits and even the sewing machines needed to be a self-reliant sailor! This video series shows you all the steps of building your own roller furling or genoa sail kit.

This 13-part video series will teach you the step-by-step techniques of building a roller furling jib or genoa sail kit. The total run time of these 13 videos is just under an hour. You can watch the video series piece by piece as you work on your sail. When you learn how to sew your own sails, you’ll be on your way to a lifetime of savings! Not only do you save money by sewing your own sail, but the skills you develop when crafting your own sails are also invaluable.

The first step is to order your sail kit from Sailrite. All of our sail kits are designed by our expert Sail Designer. Once the sail is designed, our computer plotting machine draws all the panels, pockets and all parts on the sailcloth. Everything is marked for you so all you have to do is cut out the pieces and sew them together following the kit instructions. It’s that easy! Your sail kit comes with all the supplies you need to sew and assemble your sail. You’ll just need a few basic supplies like a sewing machine, spray adhesive (recommended) and other possible items.

Every self-sufficient sailor needs a sewing machine that’s up to the challenge. That’s why our Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Sewing Machine was specifically designed with sailors in mind. Its zigzag stitch function is a must when sewing sails, and the straight stitch option is great for sewing your own boat canvas and upholstery work.

So, get started on the road to self-reliance with this video tutorial series. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re always happy to help you find the perfect sail for your boat. We also do custom sail kits if you can’t find the type of sail you need.

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  • Constructing a Roller Furling Jib/Genoa Introduction (1:15 min.)
  • Basting Sail Panels (1:15 min.)
  • Sewing Panels Together (1:22 min.)
  • Basting & Sewing Corner Patches (11:50 min.)
  • Sew Remaining Panels Together (0:53 min.)
  • Sacrificial UV on Foot (7:46 min.)
  • Installing UV Protective Tape on Foot Edge (2:10 min.)
  • Sacrificial UV on Leech & Protective Tape on Leech Edge Including Leech Line (9:37 min.)
  • Attachment Point at Head and Tack Using Webbing (3:27 min.)
  • Installing Tell Tails (1:01 min.)
  • Leather at Clew Corner (7:13 min.)
  • Logo & Sail Quote Request (0:41 min.)

Run time: approx. 55 minutes