Fiebing's Leather Edge Kote® Black 4 oz.

SKU: 123775



Give leather edges a professional finish with Fiebing’s Leather Edge Kote®! This is a water-resistant color coating for smooth leather edges. A cross between paint and dye, Edge Kote will both sit on the surface of and soak into a leather edge for long-lasting color that won’t flake off. Choose from a variety of colors to add a flexible seal to the edges of leather purses, belts, wallets, saddles and other items.

For best results, use Edge Kote on natural leather. This product will not work on rough leathers or suede. Edge Kote dries to a semigloss finish, but can be buffed to a higher shine if desired. Allow to dry fully before buffing; drying times will be different in different environments. For a thinner, less vibrant color coating, dilute Edge Kote with water before applying.


  • Water-resistant, flexible color coating that won’t flake off.
  • Variety of colors available for use on edges of natural leather.
  • Dries to a semigloss finish, but can be buffed to a higher shine.


1. Put on disposable gloves to avoid staining your skin with Edge Kote. Cover your worktable with a mat or other sacrificial surface to protect it from stains as well.

2. Prep the leather edge for finishing by applying a slicking product such as gum tragacanth and using a burnisher to smooth the edge.

3. Once the burnished edge is slick, stir the Edge Kote. Never shake.

4. Apply Edge Kote with a chiseled sponge, edge dye pen, artist’s brush or wool dauber. To avoid drips, don’t overload your applicator. Apply in slow, smooth strokes until the entire leather edge is covered.

5. Edge Kote may appear bumpy after application but will smooth as it dries. Allow to dry completely to a medium gloss. For a brighter finish, buff gently with a soft cloth once fully dry.

Disclaimer: Edge Kote will not work properly if frozen.