Sailrite® Leather Edge Dye Pen & Container Set

SKU: 123316



This dye pen and container set is used to dye or paint the edges of your leatherwork for a professional, polished appearance. The innovative ribbed roller pen with a stylus tip is easy to maneuver in hard-to-reach places. The pen allows for precise application and control. The low friction ball bearing provides a smooth glide and rolling experience. Two pen tips are included in this set.

The funnel-shaped lid design seals liquid dyes and paints inside the container when the pen is inserted to prevent paint from drying out. This product is for water-based edge paint only. Not for use with solvent-based paint.

Note: This set is designed for short-term paint storage only. Not recommended as paint container replacement.

Easy-to-clean nonstick container.

Dried glue peels right off.

Interchangeable tips.

Precise roller tips for different leather weights.

Pen seals the lid.

Glue won’t dry out in between applications.