Carbon Pile Foot Control No Wiring

SKU: 38112



Carbon pile speed control. (Non MCC or MC-SCR motors only.) No wiring is included with this foot pedal. Wiring installation is easy --- wire to two screw terminals. Draws up to 1.5 amps.

To Open Foot for Wiring:

The Cover plate pivots on two hinges at the base. To remove cover pry one side with screw driver at hinge point. Once the side has been pried off of hinge the cover can be removed and the foot can be wired. Insert the wire into the rubber bushing on the side of the foot. Then screw the two wire ends to each terminal with the provided screws inside the foot.

To close foot after wiring:

To replace the cover be sure the foot spring is centered on top of spring holders. Then place the activation arm into the slot on the power activation spring arm. Place the cover over one hinge and then pry the opposite side of the cover until it pops unto the opposite hinge.