How to Sew Full Batten Pockets on a Mainsail

Item # X-HT-200300

In this how-to video, we’re going to show you how to install full batten pockets on a mainsail. Full battens are battens that run from leech to luff on a mainsail. This procedure involves using a hook-and-loop locking system with a webbing tensioning device to securely hold the batten in place. This method provides optimal tensioning adjustments. All of the Sailrite® Sail Kits with full battens include all the materials needed to build this type of batten.

When you order a sail kit from Sailrite, the sail comes fully computer plotted for your ease and convenience. This means all lines, seam lines and batten pocket locations are marked on the sailcloth. You’ll need to mark on the sailcloth the width of the batten pocket based on the width of your Dacron tape. Once you have the pocket placement lines drawn, then cut the Dacron tape the length needed for the pocket.

In this video, we’re sewing the batten pockets using the Sailrite® Professional 4-Point Sewing Machine. We’re sewing 4-point zigzag stitches for our batten pockets, but if you do not have a 4-point zigzag machine that’s fine. A standard 2-point zigzag machine, such as the Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 Sewing Machine, will also get the job done. In fact, you can do all your sail construction and sail sewing repairs using the Ultrafeed LSZ-1. It’s a fantastic portable, heavy duty sewing machine that you can take aboard your sailboat for repairs and sewing projects wherever you are.

We’re using hook-and-loop tape — also known as Velcro — and webbing in the construction of our batten pockets. Watch the video for the full tutorial of how to construct and install full batten pockets on your mainsail.

After you’ve finished this sail project, are there any other repairs or sewing projects needed on your sail? We have a full Sailboat Repair Series of blogs with video demonstrations of how to fix everything from rips and tears to replacing a sail window and even how to reinstall a sail’s corner ring. Just type “Sail Repair Series” into the search field on our site to find the list of blogs.

Video length: 19 minute 30 seconds

Video Chapters:

  • Mark Measurements at Batten Positions (0:27)
  • Cut Batten Pocket Tapes to Length (1:16)
  • Sewing Velcro on Upper Pocket Tape (1:50)
  • Sew Upper Pocket Tape to Bottom Tape (3:03)
  • Making Webbing Tensioning Device (7:07)
  • Sewing Pocket to Sail (9:54)
  • Sewing Tensioning Device to Leech Edge (11:59)
  • Attaching Batten End Protector at Luff Edge (17:18)