Headboard Installation on Mainsail Streaming Video

Item # X-HT-200159

Do you do your own sail repairs? If you’re a self-reliant sailor, you may need to install a new headboard on your sail at some point. Our video shows you how to install a headboard on a mainsail using just a few supplies from Sailrite®. Let’s get started.

At Sailrite, we stock sailboat headboards in a variety of sizes and materials. We have aluminum and nylon choices in multiple sizes to fit your sailboat. Use your headboard as a template to trace a hole for the installation of the rivets, halyard and any webbing slugs that may be installed on your sail.

You’ll need to punch the holes in your sail. We’re using a heavy-duty mallet and a hole punch to punch our holes. We carry hole cutters in several sizes for all your cutting needs. Our sizes range from 1/8 inch to 1 inch. Make sure you have a cutting mat under your sail as you punch the holes to keep your work surface protected. Using a cutting mat will also keep your hole cutter edges sharp. If you don’t have a hole cutter and mallet, you can use a razor blade, but it’s much faster and easier to use a hole cutter.

Once your holes are cut, next up is inserting the rivets. Watch the video below to see the entire process. This is a very quick DIY and you’ll have your headboard installed in no time!

Need more sail DIYs? You’ve come to the right place! We have dozens of blogs and how-to videos on everything from sail repair, installing a window in your sail, and even sewing your very own sail from start to finish with our top-quality sail kits! Go to the “How-To” section on our website and click on “Marine Projects.” From there you can click on “Sail Repair” or “Sail Making” to browse through our list of sail DIY projects.

Good luck with your headboard installation! And let us know if you have any questions along the way.